Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Ten Moments in Sports 2012

10.             Michael Phelps new medal record. 19 medals, 15 of them gold. That is an impressive feat. Yes, he swims many events in the Olympics but he is simply the best swimmer out there. Some argue that it’s not fair to other Olympians, like LeBron James, because he only gets to play in one finals game. Phelps doesn’t have a team to help him in all his medal events. Swimming is an individual sport and that’s why Michael Phelps makes the list.

9.                 Notre Dame football going undefeated. I don’t want to hear they don’t play in a conference and that means they don’t play any of the best teams. That argument is rubbish. It is ridiculously hard to go undefeated and they did. That takes a great team and that’s why the Notre Dame football team makes the top ten.

8.                 Back to swimming and the Olympics. Rebecca Soni broke her own world record twice in the 200 breast stroke. Once in the semifinals and the second time in the finals. Her current world recorded is 2:19.59.

7.                 The Washington Capitals beating the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Three of the seven games went to OT, one to double OT. I have been to both arenas and man can they get loud. It was fun hockey to watch.

6.                 The Miami Heat winning the World Championship. The 5 game series had some of the best basketball players of modern time. I won’t be surprised if the finals in 2013 is a rematch.

5.                 San Francisco Giants winning the World Series. The Detroit Tigers played good baseball but were not able to pull out a win. Both teams were loaded with good players and it was sure entertaining to watch. 

4.                 Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson’s amazing comebacks from horrendous injuries. Both of these extraordinary athletes destroyed the record books this year. Manning put his name on many Denver Broncos club records, while Peterson was just nine yards shy of breaking the all time rushing yards in a single season. Do I need to say more? 

3.                 Eli Manning beating Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Again.

2.                 Miguel Cabrera winning the MLB Triple Crown for the first time in forty years. 

         And…the number one slot for best sports moments of 2012 is…

1.                 The Olympics take the cake! London did an amazing job hosting. They used every nook and cranny of the city to make one of the most amazing sporting events of all times look just that, an amazing sporting event. 

Looking Forward to in 2013 
  • Rugby Six Nations looks to be good, as always. I love to watch rugby, as it is fast and rough. The opening round this year has some amazing matches. The first few matches look like this: Wales v Ireland, England v Scotland, Italy v France. Which all will take place in February.

  • Broncos Super Bowl!!!

  • Knock out round of the UEFA Champions League. This year it is set up so that some of the best teams face off early in the tournament: Real Madrid v Manchester United, Arsenal v Bayern Munich, and Milan v Barcelona.

  • Opening day of baseball. You don’t have to be a fan of baseball to recognize that there is something special about that day.

  • The NHL figuring out how to solve this crisis. It doesn’t matter what happens. They just need to stop this bickering.

  • NBA Finals.

  • March Madness. Best tournament in all sports.

  • Is this a year for a Triple Crown winner in horse racing? It would be the first time in 35 years if it happens in the coming year.

  • Rugby Sevens World Cup. The U.S has a strong team. Maybe they will bring the cup home from Moscow.

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