Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The NHL organization is still being one big selfish bum by continuing this ridiculous lockout! I wish both sides would look at this disagreement from the fans point a view. The players make a yacht load of money and the owners are not hurting in that respect either. They make more in one season than most of us will ever make in our entire lives. They need to quit arguing over money before they lose their entire fan base. This lockout is also despicable because they just had one seven years ago! The NHL is already the smallest of the four major professional sports organizations here in America. If they keep this pattern up, they will lose the fans that had continued to support the organization even after the last lockout. Professional hockey in the United States will be lost forever over something that they all have plenty of which would be such a shame. So as a hockey fan, please stop this rubbish and play some hockey!


I don't have much to say about the NBA at the moment except that last week I stumbled upon this link. As a sportscaster to be, I find this call to be very funny and a good learning tool as it was just a complete and honest reaction from the play-by-play caller. 

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