Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The NHL organization is still being one big selfish bum by continuing this ridiculous lockout! I wish both sides would look at this disagreement from the fans point a view. The players make a yacht load of money and the owners are not hurting in that respect either. They make more in one season than most of us will ever make in our entire lives. They need to quit arguing over money before they lose their entire fan base. This lockout is also despicable because they just had one seven years ago! The NHL is already the smallest of the four major professional sports organizations here in America. If they keep this pattern up, they will lose the fans that had continued to support the organization even after the last lockout. Professional hockey in the United States will be lost forever over something that they all have plenty of which would be such a shame. So as a hockey fan, please stop this rubbish and play some hockey!


I don't have much to say about the NBA at the moment except that last week I stumbled upon this link. As a sportscaster to be, I find this call to be very funny and a good learning tool as it was just a complete and honest reaction from the play-by-play caller. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Get The Ball Rolling!

My name is Chris O'Neil. I am an aspiring sportscaster and this is my sports opinion blog. I will be giving my opinion on almost anything about sports. I will be talking about sporting events and topics from all over the world. Remember, this blog is simply my opinion.

The big thing going on in sports right now is the BCS Championship game between Alabama Crimson Tide and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. In theory, these are the two best college football teams this year. Many people can make a point as to why one is better than the other. From watching both teams play over the season, I predict that it will be a low scoring match with a lot of good defense on both sides of the ball. Looking back at the schedules for both teams, I will say that Alabama had some easy games from small schools. However, Notre Dame had some easy games as well. The difference is that Notre Dame did not play small schools that no one has ever heard of. I also noticed that Notre Dame played at a lower level when they played the easier teams. I don't think they meant to, though. The level of competition that Notre Dame put up in these situations was just enough to get the 'W' and was not of the quality that the Notre Dame team actually has. If I was a part of the Alabama football team, I would be worried about this championship game against Notre Dame. 

Now, it is bowl season, but I think that there are too many bowl games and it takes entirely too long to get to them. There are so many bowls that they begin to lose their importance and prestige. This year there are 34 bowl game, not including the championship game. That's way too many! There should be a one and out tournament, like NCAA Basketball. Lower divisions of football do it. I think the top 8 teams from both sides of the country should play and by the end you will get the two best teams. Some say that this type of tournament would be too many games for college kids. I say nay! Some of these kids are going to play in the NFL. That season is 16 games long and if their team makes it through the playoffs to the Superbowl it can be up to 20 games long. If you're out there saying, "Well rookies don't play the whole season." I would like to remind you of Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Doug Martin, Russell Wilson and many, many more just from this year. These rookies are just now approaching the maximum amount of games they have ever played in one season. I would be worried about their stamina, not the physical, but their mental stamina. 

Enough on college football and American football in general. Two weeks ago the MLS cup was played and the LA Galaxy was victor over the Houston Dynamo 3-1. Scoring for the Galaxy were Omar Gonzalez, Landon Donovan, and my favorite soccer player, Robbie Keane. The one and only scorer for the Dynamo was Calen Carr who injured his knee in the 56th minute of the match. This match was also David Beckham's last match as part of the LA Galaxy. The MLS is slowly growing in the U.S. but it is still small. Some are calling for a relegation in the MLS where a number of the bottom ranked teams from the MLS are dropped down to a lower division while a number of the highest ranked teams in this lower division are brought up to the MSL each year. This allows teams to move between divisions based on merit. I hope to not see this happen because all of our other professional sports teams are not set up to use a relegation. I think it would hurt the MLS if they put this type of structure into play. 

In the Barclays Premier League, the top of the chart lists in 1st Place Manchester United, 2nd Manchester City, 3rd Chelsea, 4th Tottenham, and 5th West Bromwich Albion. In this league, two of the big names, Arsenal and Liverpool, are tenth and eleventh, so far, in the fifteen game season. What is going on with these clubs?! However, it is still early in the Premier League season and my guess is that it will be a good one!