Monday, March 18, 2013

Tebow, my dear lad, you have to find a new home. It just so happens that I found the sport to answer your prayers...RUGBY! Now, you might be rolling your eyes, but listen, I am being serious. You have to look at the whole picture here. Jacksonville said they don't want you, ouch! I'm telling you, rugby is your new sport! Some will ask, why not Canadian football? Or even arena football? Those are options but in rugby you would be a superstar. In Canadian football you would do well but you would have to live in Canada. I just don't see you living there. On the other hand, arena football would be such a major step backwards for you. You would lose a lot of money and have little to no media. With rugby you would be giving a sport a new light and at the same time you'd build its fan base in the U.S. I just don't see you in the NFL any longer.

You would be awesome at rugby! You would make a great scrum half. For those that are not so familiar with rugby, the scrum half is like the qb of rugby. He is in charge of getting the ball out of the scrum and calling where it goes. Rugby would still offer you the ability to score and hit people and, unlike American football, you don't ever have pass the ball forward. These are all things that you are extremely good at. Most importantly, you could still be the leader you want to be. You would help bring this sport to America. Don't forget, if you play rugby, you would still be able to keep your #15!

Check out the link above. If you don't think this is your new sport, then I don't know how you play football.

BBall Fans

Time to switch gears. Bball fans, I am going let you in on a little fact. When you stand up and get loud on a defensive play and the away team calls a time out they are trying to shut you down. The reason behind this time out is to get the arena quiet so the away team can hear each other on offense.   Don't let them control you! It's your arena. So after the timeout get on your feet and continue being loud! This will change the outcome of those important defensive plays! So, stand up and start screaming when you want to see some great defense from your team!