Monday, June 17, 2013

Tebow Mania Heading to New England!

Hey Tebow! Congrats on the deal! I am glad you got one more chance. I won't lie, I am a little bummed  you are not a rugger and that you are a Pat but that's okay. I can get over it. I am so happy Tebow is in the NFL again. Although my opinion of him as a QB has not changed, Tebow is such a good guy and deserves this third chance. There are way too many guys who have DUIs, assault charges, drugs charges and all this other flotsam and jetsam that should be dismissed from the NFL. It's good to see someone who is true role model and leader get this chance. What has Tebow done? NOTHING! For a while I thought he would need to go cover his entire body in tats, do drugs, and get a DUI in order to get the chance to play again. Thanks New England, for letting the good guy get a chance to play. Belichick will find a great place for Tebow to help out the Pats and hopefully New England will keep the Tebow Mania train chugging along.

NBA Finals

If the Heat are the best team in the world, THEN PLAY LIKE IT! I am sick of this teetering a win by 30 points with a close loss and another win by 30 points. What is the excuse for the inconsistency? Play like you're the best NBA team, not the least consistent.  Clearly the experience of the Spurs is giving the King a run for his money...and his title.  Whether the inconsistency or the experience will pay off, time will only tell.

This 2-3-2 game tomfoolery in the NBA Finals needs to stop!!! All the other series are 2-2-1-1-1. Why would the finals be any different? I'm not buying the 'it's to expensive' nonsense. If that's the case, don't pay the players so much. There should be consistency through the finals because the players are used to two games at home then go on the road. The playoffs and finals are a rhythm and out of no where that rhythm changes for no reason in the finals. Just keep it the same for consistency sake.